Sikap keterbukaan is awesome

The only way to have peace is to be open-minded and be ready to accept each other differences.

I was invited to attend the last meeting of Christian Fellowship today to see see a bit. I’m not a Christian, but that won’t stop me from going there, now does it?

I’m not a religious type of person, but I believe that every religion is good. It guides us to the correct path in our life.

Come on, if you know that something, someone or somebody is watching you, would you want to do immoral things? That’s why even our Rukun Negara encourages every Malaysian to belief in God, in whatever religion he is in.

Was feeling quite awkward in the worship though, as I don’t really know the lyrics. So I had to resort to lip-syncing, but I did pick up some lyrics later on. The thing is, I felt quite touched during the worship. It’s just that there’s something in the lyrics that really caught my mind.

Anyway, enough about myself. What happened in school?


The end

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